UPenn Dolphin Sites/Disclaimer

Why Dolphin?

The Office of Student Affairs provides web hosting to recognized University of Pennsylvania student organizations. While organizations can host their website however they want, Dolphin sites carry the legitimacy of an upenn.edu address and help people associate your site more easily with the University. Dolphin sites cost significantly less (about 5% of commercial rates) to host. However, Dolphin sites can’t have as much functionality as commercially hosted websites and require slightly more work to modify.

Why Penn Student Design?

Penn Student Design, a division of Penn Student Agencies, is the only University-affiliated web design firm. We are just as much a member of the Penn community as your student group and are dedicated to working closely with you on your next project. Our skilled team of developers can create a new website or update your existing website. We also offer up to 20% discounts to other Penn groups.

What We Will Do

  • Provide you with an awesome website for your student organization in the format needed for the Dolphin Webserver
  • Make it as easy as possible for you to upload your website to the Dolphin server
  • Work very closely with your organization to develop the look, feel, and content of your site
  • Make revisions to any current website

What We Will Not Do

  • Upload your site to the Dolphin Server for you. Your organization’s account manager will need to upload changes every time a revision is made to the site. Both OSA and we can help you through this process.
  • Ask for, accept, or use the personal login credentials of your organization’s Dolphin account manager
  • Act as your organization’s Dolphin account manager

Why Not?

The Dolphin Server is hosted by The University of Pennsylvania’s Information Systems & Computing (ISC). In the interest of security and accountability, ISC has adopted the policy that only one member of each student organization (your account manager) will have the ability to make changes to their website. PSD respects this policy and will do everything for you except upload your site to the server.

Note that sites that are hosted commercially (sites not on the Dolphin server) do not have this restriction. In this case, PSD will be able to update your website for you.